2017 Varsity Team

I believe in softball.
I believe in competition and camaraderie.
I believe in teammates, bubble gum and bang-bang plays.
I believe that practice attendance and preparation wins games.
I believe that there is more to being a good batter than just being a good hitter.
I believe taking Winter BP with a cheap bat will help me hit summer homers with an expensive bat.
I believe in running out routine grounders and fly balls.
I believe it is better to be a smart base runner than a fast one.
I believe in nervous anticipation of a play at the plate.
I believe in infielders that think getting dirty is a part of the job description.
I believe in fast outfielders who do not hug the lines or play to deep.
I believe rattling bats can wake them up, and uncrossing them avoids bad luck.
I believe in wiping the morning dew off the ball, and squinting into the sunset.
I believe in saving an equipment catalog until the next issue replaces it.
I believe photographs, autographed balls and scorebook pages can be better than trophies.
I believe that there is no OFF-SEASON.
I believe in butterflies before the first game
I believe in showing appreciation to your family and friends who came to watch you play.
I believe the final score is not the part of the overall experience.
I believe in approaching each
practice like it's a game and approaching each game like it’s the last one I will play.

Never assume that a practice or game has been cancelled because it is raining where you live. If it is raining at the practice fields we will probably switch the practice to the Gym or Coach Ostrowski's classroom. You should always show up to all games no matter what the weather, unless posted on this site otherwise.

You should do everything under your power to make all appointments outside of practice times. There could be exceptions and those need to be communicated to your coach 48 hours prior. Lessons, homework, etc are not a valid excuse. If you are sick, you must speak to your coach about the possibilities of missing practice.. You should assume you will need to be at ALL practice, regardless.